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The ultimate aim of our dentists and our practice team is to provide you with a comprehensive and optimal treatment with the greatest possible personal commitment.

In order to reach our aim in the long term, we undergo continuous training on a high, international level. We are open to innovative therapy methods. As soon as they have proved successful, we use them in our practice. We have a ray-reduced, digital x-ray unit and are able to plan implantations three dimensionally.

We align our services to what is the most gentle for our patients and thus promise the best treatment result. As a matter of course, we will provide comprehensive consultation on various alternatives and possible additional costs before treatment.

Prophylaxis is of major importance in modern dental medicine, since with intensive care and reasonable precautions it is possible to keep your teeth healthy into your later years. Upon demand we include all our patients into our prophylaxis programme.

We take greatest care that all our treatments are gentle and stress-free four you. For this purpose, we preferably apply non-traumatic techniques like microsurgery, which harm the surrounding, healthy tissue as little as possible. This way a small wound usually heals faster and discomforts and swellings are less severe.

If you suffer from fear of treatment, we will be able to help you, e. g. with additional homeopathic tranquillizers or if necessary with anesthetic procedures such as general anesthetic, which will be performed by a specialist in anesthesiology, who will accompany the procedure in our practice.

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